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Help & Info about Bluetooth Driver Installer for windows

  • What does Bluetooth Driver Installer do?

    As its name suggests, Bluetooth Driver Installer is a tool for troubleshooting any bluetooth driver malfunctions you might be experiencing. It is not uncommon for bluetooth-connected devices to suddenly stop working properly or at all. These outages are most often due to a faulty driver - and this is where the Installer kicks in.
  • How does Bluetooth Driver Installer fix driver problems?

    If you are dealing with a mangled bluetooth driver, you can simply uninstall it and run this handy little program instead. It will detect the device you want to connect to and hook up to it as a Generic Bluetooth Microsoft Device. In most situations, this little switch is all it will take to get your device back to working properly.
  • What are drivers and why do I need them?

    Drivers enable your computer to recognise its principal components like keyboard, graphics card, sound card, and so on correctly. They are small pieces of software which binds hardware and operating system together, crudely put.Each device requires a specific driver in order to function properly, and malfunctions are relatively common and notoriously tedious to fix.
  • Is there any way to reverse the changes I make with Bluetooth Driver Installer?

    Since the Installer needs you to delete your original faulty driver and acts in its place, the process entails a change to your operating system. This can be harmless or it can lead to a cascade of problems. To prepare for every eventuality, Bluetooth Driver Installer creates a system restore point before proceeding.
  • How often is Bluetooth Driver Installer updated?

    The program is relatively simple and does not require or get frequent updates. The software developers got the task right relatively quickly with this one, and it promises to be a pretty timeless piece of software design.
  • Is Bluetooth Driver Installer easy to install?

    Yes, the program is quite light and easy to install. It should be up and running on your PC after a couple of clicks. The instructions are accessible to novices and experts alike. Once installed, it does its job seamlessly and gets you the driver relief you need, just as promised.
  • What operating systems does Bluetooth Driver Installer serve?

    The Installer is an application created for Windows OS. It can be used with all the widespread versions of the operating system, starting with XP. Users of older machines will appreciate the Installer the most, since driver problems are more likely to hit exactly such old-timers.
  • Is Bluetooth Driver Installer free?

    Yes, this is a totally free piece of software. It does not come with any ads or promotional materials and fluff, either.
  • How safe is Bluetooth Driver Installer to use?

    Although it gets deep under the hood of your PC, Bluetooth Driver Installer is very safe to use. As mentioned before, it creates restore points before any interventions, so all its actions are reversible. There are no other concerns in this department.
  • What is new in Bluetooth Driver Installer

    The latest version of the software comes with minor bug fixes and improved performance.


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